Monday, 19 January 2015

Hangout Master Detailed

Official Brand Logo
Hangout Master, a product of Miksd Multimedia, is a young, creative, energetic, result driven and fun loving family, dedicated  to producing eye catching events,  strategically targeted at the youth, especially those in  second-cycle and tertiary institutions in Ghana and the young working executives.

The Hangout Master brand, officially commissioned on Monday, December 22, 2014, has the prime aim to entertain and calm the nerves of young Ghanaians, after a stressful time at school or work, with its creative and attractive products. We also aim at creating a favourable ambiance and platform for young individuals to fraternize.

Hangout Master officially commenced its operation in December 2014 and has a membership of  50 enthusiastic youth drawn from some reputable tertiary institutions including, Ghana Technology University College, University of Professional Studies, Radsford University, University of Ghana, Zenith College, Valley View University, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and Pentecost University College.  The team also has a fraction of its membership belonging to the working class.

Cross section of Hangout Master
As a brand with teamwork at the core, Hangout Master is working earnestly to gain a feat as one of Ghana’s most prolific and most preferred youth brand where entertainment and creative arts is concerned.
Official Hashtag

Hangout Master runs on the official hashtag #SumfinKuul on all its social media platforms. The choice of this phrase is in line with the faculty's ideology to set itself apart from the aggressive show off by like minded entities in the country.

Amongst the services provided by this brand are:

  • Events Promotion and Management
  • Talent Promotion and Management
  • Media Coverage of Events(Photography and Cinematography) 
  • Media Buying

Our Obejectives Enlisted
  1. Ghana surely booms with a lot of entertainment crews, however, the individual as adventurous and insatiable as is by nature is always on the look out for new, affordable and unforgettable experience. 
  2. It is the Hangout Master’s premiere objective to grow into Ghana’s most preferred and prestigious youth brand well-known for its creativity, team spirit and result driven ego.
  3.  Hangout Master is strategically targeted at unearthing and grooming the many talents in Ghana and having fun lovers experience the different talents available to satisfy their entertainment needs.
  4.  To give students and workers the option of a sure fun filled venue/events that will entertain and calm their nerves after a stressful week.
  5. Produce  revealing and spectacular events; starting off from the capital Accra and entering into other parts of Ghana.
  6. The Hangout Master also seeks to create a favourable ambiance for young people to fraternise on one platform.

We are on a journey to mark our brand in the history books of Ghanaian entertainment and media circles.